Friday, September 15, 2006

Lacey's Room

Just a few photos of Lacey's room as we completely "girlie" it! Daddy is doing a great job! The bottom half of the wall will be white beadboard. I hope Lacey likes pink! We have to get more shelving for the closet as well. Lacey already has quite a wardrobe.


Cody, Caleb, and Dylan love to find bugs and other assorted critters in the yard. I recently discovered blueprints for a squirrel catcher and plans on how to make a squirrel a pet. Today they managed to catch a lizard and create him a home in a tool box. They also caught a plump, green caterpiller -- ewww. I got suspicious when Dylan asked if Caterpillers liked to eat cookies. I'm glad they are having so much fun in our own backyard!