Monday, July 16, 2007

More Girl Stuff...

Okay, I'm still sewing and I'm having a great time. I've had lots of folks say they would like me to make something for them and I think I'm going to go for it. I just worry though that folks don't know how much time and effort goes into making a dress that "looks" simple. The gingham whale dress, for instance, is fully lined - no seams showing anywhere. This was like doing a magic trick- it was very difficult and time consuming. Anyway, I'm glad people like my "stuff" and I will probably start taking on a few projects. A little extra spending money is always good!

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lacey's 1st Birthday!

July 13, 2007
Lacey’s first birthday began by me taking a photo of her sleeping at 8:03 am (the time she was born). I held back tears all day but got better by the time of her party. I just don’t know where the year went! We started off with an early morning photo shoot while Lacey was happy and in a good mood. Then we headed to Publix to pick up her cake. When we got there the lady said she realized she had made the wrong cake so she made another one the way I had ordered it. Instead of trashing the first cake, she gave me both of them. They both were gorgeous. So, two cakes for the price of one. Who said Friday the 13th wasn’t lucky? Fast forward to the party. We started with the gifts. Travis and I gave her the American Girl “Bitty Baby.” She got lots of beautiful and fun gifts. She’s been walking around (okay, the child is practically running now) saying “baby, baby” all day! I was all ready for Lacey to dive in her cake and get super messy, but Lacey had other plans. First, she refused to sit in her high chair. SO, we put her and her cake on a mess mat on the floor. Well, she stuck one finger in the icing and looked at her hand like it had the most awful thing on it. Miss Priss did not want to get sticky!!! We gave her a spoon and she played with it for a while but still did not want that sticky icing anywhere near her. She had more fun trying to feed us with the spoon. Lacey had a beautiful birthday surrounded by family and friends. I’m so blessed to have this precious little baby girl in my life. Now if you will excuse me, Lacey and I have to brush Birthday Barbie’s hair!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I decided that my friend Rebecca's daughter, Karlie, HAD to have a homemade dress so I made her one. Making a size eight was a lot different from Lacey's little dresses! It was still fun though. Karlie loveed it - she is such a girly girl!

I'm breaking in my embroidery machine lately too. I did these cloth napkins(set of four)for Molly and Jason.

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