Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm simply in awe of how quickly time seems to be passing lately. It seems the world may be spinning a bit faster that I want it to. My children are growing up right before my eyes – if I could just freeze them for a while I would so love it. I will have a high school freshman, a new “middle schooler,” a fourth grader, and my baby girl has only one more year at home. WOW. Just yesterday I had toddlers, just yesterday I was changing diapers. I was a “new” mom. At 35 I'm feeling incredibly “middle-aged” lately! But, new doors are opening, new chapters unfolding. I'm enjoying all the new adventures that have come knocking at my door lately. I'm excited to open the door and let the new experiences change our lives for the better. I'm waking up each day looking forward to what's ahead – and what's ahead looks just as awesome as what I've left behind each night as I close my eyes. Hard work really does pay off – in more ways than I could ever put into words. Time, fast and furious, brings everything to light – it cannot be escaped – so I'm embracing it!