Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank you!

Thanks, Michelle, for the tag. I've been in a super blogging rut and I needed the kick in the pants!

Seven things I did before I was a mom:
1. Slept late.
2. Had a clean car.
3. Read - read lots – whole books even. LOL
4. Exercised daily.
5. cross-stitched
6. Watched movies from start to finish.
7. Blasted Barbra Streisand

Seven things that I would like to do:
1. Go to NY to see a Broadway musical
2. lose weight
3. have some much needed sugery
4. Go on a cruise
5. Buy a cute little car – I'm so NOT minivan.
6. See all my kids graduate, serve missions and get married.
7. Spoil some grandkids.

Seven things that attract me to my husband:
1. He's an introvert and a homebody – LOVE this
2. His dimples.
3. He is so stinkin funny!
4. He is suppotive of my business.
5. He lets me “mother” as I see fit.
6. We have the same goals.
7. He just loves me, as I am.

Seven favorite foods:
1. CHOCOLATE – chocolate chip cookies especially
2. my mom's potato salad
3. my mom's fried chicken
4. sub station subs - VINEGAR!!
5. publix subs - VINEGAR!!
6. anything with terkiyki sauce
7. pickles

Seven things that I say often:
1. Know what I mean?
2. Understand what I'm saying?
3. Really?
4. You've got to be kidding me.
5. I love you!
6. No, no Lacey!
7. One more time and you're in trouble.