Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Smocked Dresses

Special thanks to Princess Kadee for allowing Princess Lacey to borrow her beautiful smocked dresses. We can't wait to dress up!!!

Grandma's Little Princess

My mama bought this adorable little t-shirt for Lacey. It's so perfect because it says, "Grandma's Lil' Princess." Lacey IS Grandma's princess. I'm so thrilled to have a little girl to make perfectly PINK! I know Grandma is thrilled too. Thanks for the shirt Grandma. We love it!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentine's Day Snapshots

What a nice day. Lacey I were able to go to Caleb and Dylan's Valentine Parties at school. We had lots of sweet stuff to eat and lots of sweet smiles. Cody said that he'd "rather not" have his picture taken today so I went along with him....this time. Today I was showered with roses, chocolate, diamonds (I'm so spoiled)and pink Rainbow flip flops. I have the SWEETEST husband ever. I felt very blessed this Valentine's. Of course, this was Lacey's first *Heart* day, so I took lots of photos!