Sunday, September 30, 2007

This Girl Can Twirl!

My latest Lacey creation. This outfit is actually three pieces; the full twirl skirt, the black underdress, and the sash. I made an underdress vs. an undershirt because shirts never stay tucked into skirts on busy toddlers! This skirt was a first for me so it has lots of flaws. It weighs a ton because of all that fabric! It was fun to try something new though. I also had to include a photo of Lacey's pig tails. They are so cute but she loves to yank them out so they never last long! Updates on my boys soon to come as well.....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A gift for Karlie:

My friend Rebecca's daughter turns seven on Tuesday. She is such a girly, girl. I wanted to make her something cute. So, I made the Raggedy Ann shirt. It's a white tee with an embroidered face and I sewed the ribbon hair on. Then, the tee needed a pair of coordinating jeans. Thus, the ruffles were added. This was a JOB. I love the way it turned out though. Then, to give her a few more options to wear with the gingham ruffled jeans, I got another white tee and sewed four buttons on. I made "patches" that she can change out just by unbuttoning them. A "K" patch for Karlie, a candy cane for Christmas, a heart for Valentine's Day, and cherries for any time. I stumbled across the cute matching cherry necklace and ring so I HAD to include those too! I still have to sew a belt/sash for the jeans. That's on the to-do list for tomorrow!I hope she likes her gift!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Another new dress...

One more summer dress before fall! Actually I'll be making pants and a long sleeved shirt for this dress, so it's more for the transition between seasons. This is a stripwork jumper - four coordinating fabrics. I added the little apron and embroidered the sweet little, vintage girl. Lacey is also wearing a coordinating bracelet I made with her name on it. Can you tell I'm having fun? This was a particularly fun project because I got to use my new serger!! What a difference it made!

Something's missing...

It's Dylan's tooth! Finally at age SIX he lost his first tooth. He lost it at school. He and grandma searched his cafeteria tray but it was gone. hehe The tooth fairy still came though!

First Day of School! Aug. 20, 2007

Dylan started first grade this year, Caleb is in the third and Cody is in the Sixth. No tears, no pouting - I guess I have all big boys now! They were ready!