Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Dylan!

My sweet baby boy turned 8 this year! We celebrated with his friends at Plex. Still feels like he should be my tiny little nursling. Dylan was my good baby, slept well, always happy. His teachers at school comment every year that he is always so happy. What a blessing to be joyful. This awesome guitar cake was made by Shannon Benson!

I celebrated my birthday in the month of May too. My sweet husband outdid himself as usual. Thanks to my friend, Rebecca, for a delicious lunch and for making me stop sewing long enough to celebrate! I received visits all evening from friends and family. It was a wonderful day. I felt so loved.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lacey can't be left out...

If the camera is in my hand, Lacey must have her picture taken. Not just one photo either. I took her hair down for these shots - makes her look so much older!

Pre-Baptism Photo Shoot

My baby boy will be eight in a few days. It's so hard to believe! Dylan and I have talked a lot about his decision to be baptized - the promises he is making. Dylan is put in situations I was never put in at his age; he has to be strong and keep his promises regardless of what others around him are doing. He know what it means to be accountable. Dylan is my lovey, sweet baby. I'm so proud of him.

These are Dylan's pre-baptism shots, my fancy garage photo shoot. LOL

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You Are My Sunshine

Here is Lacey, fresh from a bath, smelling sweet and looking adorable. I know, my bedroom was a major disaster, but I figured the mess would be there tomorrow - this moment wouldn't! We sing ALL DAY - Lacey knows many Primary songs, her ABC's, nursery rhymes, but this is her favorite song! Scroll down to the bottom to pause my playlist!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Happy Moment #1

Don't you love it when you take a photo that just screams, "I am HAPPY?" I do! So, here is #1 in my installment of "Random Happy Moments." Stay tuned for many more....

Teenager in the house!

Happy 13th Birthday to Cody! Having a teenager makes you feel old, but since I didn't actually give birth to this one, maybe I can pretend to be young for a little while longer. LOL Cody had a party Saturday with lots of other loud teenagers. Whew....

Another fabulous cake by Shannon Benson!

Mother's Day

I am blessed to be a mother. It is my calling in life. I love being with my children, nurturing, teaching. On the card Dylan made for me in Primary on Sunday he had to fill in he blank, “My mom is happy when _____.” His answer, My mom is happy when I am with her. This was such a tremendous gift for me. I always tell them that I am only completely happy when I have all my children at home with me. Just having them around, knowing they are safe with me makes me so happy. He remembered, and I will never forget how my heart skipped a beat when I read it. Caleb cracked me up with his card – full of our “inside joke” funnies.
Lacey created her first ever handmade mother's day card with the fabulous mother Chesley in the nursery. It is a forever keepsake.
I cried when I saw my boys singing in Sacrament. I knew as I watched them that my heart strings would feel a tug all day long.

Travis out-did himself as normal, more beautiful jewelry, chocolate, the Twilight Soundtrack. Every little mention of things I loved, he remembered. We continued the day with a visit with my mother and a visit from Trav's mother later in the day. I wanted the boys to understand that mother's day wasn't just for me, but for all the mothers who are important in our lives. Would I have the supportive, loving, unselfish, righteous husband that I have if he had not had a good mother? Probably not. He is a product of her making and she deserves credit for sure! Would I be the same person without my mother? No Way. Good mother's make the world a better place. I hope that my sons remember this and remember the value of mothers as they chose their wives, and that they come home to see their mother on mother's day!