Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Catching Up!

It’s been a strange couple of weeks. I apologize to friends who have called who I haven’t called back! After many trips to the doctor, we finally figured out that Lacey has mono! She’s been really sick with high fever off and on for weeks and hasn’t been “herself” for at least a month. We have one more doctor visit to make sure her spleen isn’t still enlarged and then I hope we will be in the clear for a while. When she woke up last week covered in a red rash from head to toe I thought I would lose my marbles!!

We’ve also been really busy with baseball. We have practices, games or scrimmages almost every evening. Every evening is a mad rush to get homework done and run off to baseball! They boys are doing great though. Caleb is playing the pitcher position or shortstop. Dylan is playing first base. I love to watch them.

And, last but not least, our new baby has arrived. Meet Miss Priss! She is a six-week-old Chihuahua. Everyone loves her. She’s been so much fun. I had no idea she would be so teeny-weeny!! More to come…..

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

7 Random Things....

Erika with her gorgeous new haircut self tagged me - so here's seven random things about me:

1. Not many people know that I have terrible hearing. The last time I had it tested I was 16 and the Dr. told me I had the hearing of the average 60 year old and that it would probably continue to degenerate. I have excellent tone discernment though - it's like the volume is always turned down way too low. I read lips very well.

2. I don't like meat. Okay, chicken and cold cuts and an occasional hamburger is fine but I loathe steak. Just the thought of having to chew it makes me sick. I think it's a texture thing...

3. I used to be a runner. I ran a lot - like Forrest Gump. My best mile time was just over 6 minutes. I had a Varisty letter in the seventh grade (track team). I was skinny and had abs from all that running. I would love to run again. I'd have to "reduce" a few things before I cold run again though. hehe

4. I associate memories with smells. Salon Selectives hairspray sends me back to my first middle school dance, Avon "Skin So Soft", wherever I smell it, reminds me of my grandma. I can distinguish familiar scents/brands really easily and they almost always have a memory attached. I think I could be blindfolded and walk into someone's house (as long as I had been there before) and know where I was just from the smell.

5. I love to "plunder." I could sit and look through junk drawers forever. I can dig in a garage sale box forever too. I love garage sales!

6. Even in re-runs, I laugh out loud at "Everybody Loves Raymond." That is just the funniest show ever!

7. I'm afraid of fire - or rather of what fire can do. I always triple check the iron, curling irons, oven - and I never leave the dryer running when I'm gone. All my children know their escape routes and we have a definite fire escape plan!!

Okay, so there's seven, very random, Christy quirks. I'm tagging: Pamelia, Tammy, and Carrie!!

Zuckerman's Farm

Caleb's third grade class just finished the novel, Charlotte's Web. The final grade was a project. Caleb decided he wanted to do a model of the Zuckerman farm and he also had to write an essay describing the typical day of a farmer. We had a ball with this! We tried to squeeze in a lot on the model. If we had done everything that Caleb's creative little brain wanted to do, we would have needed a trailer to carry his project to school! Look closely and you may see Charlotte and her web, Templeton (the rat) being spied on by a cat (Caleb's idea), the goose and the gander, ducks in the pond, a garden, a cow, "the old sheep," a wood pile for the family, a muddy Wilbur, and lots of other little details. This was so fun!

Caleb's Essay:
A Farmer’s Day

First the farmer has to wake up very early. He wakes up when he hears the rooster crow, “cock a doooodle dooooo.” Then the farmer milks the cow so that his family will have fresh milk to drink. Next, the farmer goes to the hen house to collect the eggs, but he has to be careful because sometimes Rattlesnakes want to eat the eggs too! After the farmer is finished in the hen house, he is off to slop the pigs! The pigs grunt and are very excited when the farmer comes with their food. Next, the cows and horses need grain and hay and fresh water.
After all the animals are fed, the farmer plows and works in his field. He gathers his crops and pulls out weeds. Some farmers have tractors, some have to use a mule and plow to get the hard work done. Farmers also have to make sure the crops have water. They sell some of their crops for money and use some of the crops for their families. They work hard all day long.
At the end of the day, the farmer has done a lot of work. He has fed and taken care of his animals and his crops. He finally gets to rest after a nice supper. He probably ate vegetables that he and his family grew in their family garden. The family will save their scrap food to give the pigs. After a good night’s rest, the rooster will crow and the farmer will begin his day again.
By: Caleb Gantt