Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sparkleberry Country Fair

My mom and I had a booth at Sparkleberry this year. It was a long, hot day but well worth the effort! Not only did we get lots of custom orders but I made some new friends too. I met my online buddy, Debbie, who had a booth there (okay Debbie, we need a website, LOL) and Karina of On a Whimsy. I love meeting creative people who share my passion for what they do! Check out On A Whimsy for some really unique necklaces and monogrammed "yummies." I've already placed my order. ;-)
I can't wait to do some fall shows - it's so nice to be in business with my mom. One business partner I'd trust with my life - can't say that often! Love you Mama! Thanks for buying into my crazy dream and helping me make it happen. Couldn't do it without you!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Caleb's 10th Birthday!

I cannot believe Caleb is 10! It seems like just yesterday I was teaching at Summit Middle. My 8th graders thought it was hilarious to watch my stomach jump -- seems that Caleb got the hiccups in my belly every day after lunch! He has never stopped moving. Caleb is a strong, driven, and motivated young man. If he believes it, and wants it, he will work hard to get it. I believe he will reach the goals he sets. Happy Birthday -- double digits!!

We had a little party today to celebrate. Thanks to Shannon Benson for making the AWESOME cake! Visit her here: Shannon's Cakes

Monday, April 06, 2009

My Friend's Website!

I grew up with Nikki. She lived on Dogwood Lane right here in Elgin. We had the best summers together. She has always been an amazing photograper - even in High School her photos were amazing. Now she has a website and she is more than amazing. Check her out:


Isn't it interesting how people can “see” the exact same thing, but view it very differently. A paragraph in a book may have one meaning to one reader, and mean something totally different to another. I think we interpret the sights, sounds, words, facial expressions, based on the experiences in our lives. We are created and “colored” if you will, but what we have lived, what we have experienced. This is what makes us unique, no cookie cutter, carbon copies exist in the world of humanity. No matter our upbringing though, we all have thinking, processing minds, and we have the agency to use them as we will. The past cannot be an excuse what we make of our future. Another key factor is perspective. It is amazing to me that something that seemed so horrible at one moment, only seems like a small hurdle, a meager memory when you look back on it. For now, with “perspective” the situation looks completely different. I think my goal in the coming months will be not to look back, but to use perspective to help me in he present. To see a situation from someone else's point of view – to look at things from all angles, all perspectives. I'm glad to have this opportunity, another day to awake and be excited about what is to come. Another day to try to make myself better.

Beautiful World

The flowers were so beautiful at Sandhills. This time of year is always amazing to me. The earth seems to be so happy to wake up from her winter slumber, that she sprouts out happiness in the form of blooms and buds of all color and type. Lacey and I were shopping and just couldn't help but notice some of these beautiful blooms. Lacey is fascinated by the fountain in the bacground too! I took the opportunity to snap a few photos. How could I resist with such a beautiful backdrop and willing model!


I only had two honor roll boys this nine weeks, but as the saying goes, "Two outta three ain't bad!" What made it great though, was that Caleb and Dylan both had straight A's! I'm so happy that they continue to keep up the work effort as we begin to wind down another school year!