Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I aimed my camera heavenward today and snapped a shot of these beautiful clouds. I don't know why I took this photo - maybe it was just because the clouds were so perfectly "pillowish," or maybe it was because today is the only day I will stand under THIS sky. Life changes so fast, from instant to instant, breath to breath.
The flu has run like wildfire through my home for the past two weeks. We are finally coming out of its clutches and I am feeling so thankful. It was a great joy to witness these beautiful clouds, another day. Fall is here and I can already picture its warm colors perforating the skyline. Sometimes it's just enough to be alive.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joy in Your Posterity

My children make me happy, they make me crazy, ill, frustrated, proud, jubilant, joyous, afraid [insert your own adjective here], being a mother causes one to run the gamut of emotions! Yet it's this very roller coaster ride that causes me to wake up each morning glad to be alive, happy to have another day to be a mom, blessed just to have those sweet spirits around me for a little longer. In the end, it is this joy and/or pain that children bring that makes my life so fulfilling. This week's joy:

~Having Caleb recommend a book to ME, instead of vice versa. WOW. It's a book I haven't read too. I'm very excited about this.
~Having Lacey request a “group hug” from her brothers.
~Having Dylan tell me, “I need to get organized.” I had to ask him to repeat that one!
~All my boys had their noses in a book on the way to school this morning.
~Watching and listening as Lacey sang her baby doll to sleep.
~Cody finally setting his own alarm clock and waking himself now.
~Watching Lacey dance -- I fight the tears back every week!
~Caleb, “It's okay if I outgrow you Mama. That just means I'll be able to take care of you better one day.”

Little moments, sweet memories, joy in my posterity.