Friday, July 28, 2006

New Additions

Okay, this is quickly becoming a Lacey
dominated blog - but I can't stop taking pictures! She looks different every single day and I don't want to mis anything. The boys think she is the cutest thing ever. They love for her to hold on to their fingers. Seems like most of the day I'm sitting in our bedroom nursing. When she's bigger and running around the house, the boys will really have a good time with her.

We are also getting a new addition of a different sort! We are adding a bedroom and bathroom to the house. We will move Caleb and Dylan into the new room and make a super girlified room for Lacey in Caleb and Dylan's old room. Caleb is so excited. He told me he thought it was cool that he was getting a "master suite." hehe


Christy Peake said...


Faulkenberry Family said...

What a great picture of Lacey!! I bet you still cant believe she is here and she's a girl.
you may need to make a blog just for her. Lacey's space!!
Love you guys:)

Leslie said...

Congrats on your new arrival. Aren't little girls just sweet? Boys are too, but it is something about a little girl all dressed up to melt your heart! Hope you are doing well.

Leslie Spradley