Monday, October 30, 2006


Yes, he's snapped. One too many long days in the office and he reached the breaking point. Poor pumpkin never had a chance. This raving lunatic also has three young accomplices. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Run and never look back.


Anonymous said...

How fun!!!!
That's a KOOL pic of the boys and the jack-o-lantern!!! Look's spooky!! Travis is enjoying the pumpkin guts, isn't he??? LOL

Ashley said...

LOL! At least they did a great job on the pumpkin!

Ronnie and Tammy said...

These pictures are so adorable. I am trying to set up a blog for our family and mom told me about yours, so I thought I'd go to it and see how you have things organized. I think I'm almost done so I can send out the address later.
We think about ya'll alot! Hope ya'll have a wonderful Christmas!
Love ya!!