Thursday, November 01, 2007

Costume Parade!

I spent the better part of a month, of and on, making all these costumes - all for one night of fun. Cody decided, after spying a wig at Hallowen Express, to be Elvis. Well, Elvis wouldn't be Elvis without his bejeweled polyester cape. I spelled out "Elvis" in sequins! Caleb and Dylan wanted to be pirates. ARGH! I made their vests, pants, and red sashes for their waists. These were fun to make. Lacey was Little Bo Peep. Complete with pink gingham dress, white underdress, pants, and LOTS of white eyelet trim. She had to have her little shepherd's crook too. None of my photos are really good. Nobody was in te mood for a photo shoot!! More to come on all our Halloween festivities...

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