Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joy in Your Posterity

My children make me happy, they make me crazy, ill, frustrated, proud, jubilant, joyous, afraid [insert your own adjective here], being a mother causes one to run the gamut of emotions! Yet it's this very roller coaster ride that causes me to wake up each morning glad to be alive, happy to have another day to be a mom, blessed just to have those sweet spirits around me for a little longer. In the end, it is this joy and/or pain that children bring that makes my life so fulfilling. This week's joy:

~Having Caleb recommend a book to ME, instead of vice versa. WOW. It's a book I haven't read too. I'm very excited about this.
~Having Lacey request a “group hug” from her brothers.
~Having Dylan tell me, “I need to get organized.” I had to ask him to repeat that one!
~All my boys had their noses in a book on the way to school this morning.
~Watching and listening as Lacey sang her baby doll to sleep.
~Cody finally setting his own alarm clock and waking himself now.
~Watching Lacey dance -- I fight the tears back every week!
~Caleb, “It's okay if I outgrow you Mama. That just means I'll be able to take care of you better one day.”

Little moments, sweet memories, joy in my posterity.


D B said...

Christy, I almost cried when I watched the video of Lacey dancing. It reminded me of when my girls were that age. Now they are 14 and 10 and are on to other things. Abby running cross country isn't as cute as dancing but I still feel the pride in her. Christy... honestly... I say this with all honesty, you are so very talented. You are a remarkable person. Your ability to express yourself is so touching and you have the ability to put to words what others feel. What you see through the camera lens captures moments in time that are extraordinary!!!! And finally, your talents as a mother and a wife will touch and bless the lives of your family and those who come to know you. It is a great thing when one comes to the understanding of the things that really matter in life and how much more we appreciate the small things in life when we come to that understanding. I think you are on a road of great experiences and this path will prove beneficial to yourself and so many others. I encourage you to continue to BE YOURSELF! And improve on these amazing talents that you so obviously have been blessed with....


Gwen said...

Oh my goodness, some of those caused big lumps in my throat! Joy it is. :)

Jayne said...

I love being a mother too, and I can so identify with this great post. What was the book that Caleb recommended? Oh, and about fighting back the tears...I know that feeling all too well. I sincerely don't know of anything that can add such richness and such work into one's life more than being a parent can.

Christy said...

Jayne, It's FOUND by Margaret Petterson Paddix. Book 1 - I have to see how many there are in the series. I though he was taking forever to read when actually he read the book twice!

Christy said...

Margaret Petterson Haddix

Connie said...

awwww... sigh...sweet...thanks for sharing.