Monday, February 22, 2010

POTW - Books

SO, I don't like this photo but my life has suddenly gotten SUPER crazy - in a good way though. I don't have time to re-take! I LOVE books - English major here people! I love the smell of them, the feel of crispy pages, falling apart or brand new, books are wonderful! I never studied in my dorm in college if I could help it. I always found a quiet spot on the second floor of the library to get my study time in. Something comforting about being completely surrounded by words!


Connie said...

well, I like it! I am so far behind on the POTW. Good thing I am not in school LOL! Maybe I will have a few catch up posts :)
books are my friends

Jayne said...

Personally, I think the photograph is perfect; it evokes a feeling of comfort and "oldness" and warmth or something. The colors of the books, the ribbon around them, and the lighting are all just right.

And I know exactly that same feeling about libraries. Love them. Right now I'm in B'ville at our small campus which happens to be on the second floor of an old, old building. Guess what's on the first floor...the Lee County Library. Have I visited it? You bet!!

scchesleys said...

I like the picture! I also love the smell, feel, sound of books, Mike doesn't understand and looks at me oddly when I go into a book store or library and just stand there and smell the books.