Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where is your joy?

I have about 2000 wedding photos to edit and another 30+ bridal images to edit, and a maternity session to prepare for. Ugg. As much as I adore and have a passion for photography – and yes, I still want a photography degree, the business end is not really fun. Yesterday I dropped everything and cleaned house. Cleaned my sewing room more specifically. Just seeing the shiny hardwood made me SO happy. Then, though I'm not known for my abilities in the kitchen, I tried a new recipe and it was SO yummy, and I was so happy. Next, I finished another pair of shorts for Lacey, helped Travis assemble our new patio furniture, helped with some homework and I was STILL SO HAPPY.
I have a tendency to get so infatuated with learning and growing (specifically in photograph as of late) that I forget about all of the simple things that really do make me happy – like shiny hardwood floors. I've decided that maybe I need to stop perusing “joy” so hard ! If I stop for a minute it's right in front of me!! In conclusion:
1) I think the trick to all this is finding balance, and right now I'm all out of sync.
2) I'm never 100% satisfied with myself. I'm critical of every photo I take, every meal I cook, etc.. UGG. There needs to be 3 of me to get everything done – the way I want it.
3) I'm wondering when I really KNOW, for sure, what it is I'm supposed to be doing with my life.
Maybe I just need to go clean some closets...

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Joyell said...

Girl, I know someone else like you and it's exhausting. I'm just glad to know I'm not the only neurotic, overachieving, exhausted mother out there. I too scrutinize myself about every detail in my life. Took 200 pics in Chas this weekend & hate all of them! If you find a way to make yourself less critical & more at balance, share the tip with me. Keep thinking I'll figure it all out as I age, but it ain't happenin'