Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend In Review

The weather was heavenly this weekend - only about 85 degrees and we had a constant breeze. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when not suffering from the oppressive humidity of the south! Here's how the weekend shaped up!

- I decided it was time to harvest some of this delicious looking Romaine. Not actually harvesting till tomorrow before dinner. Spaghetti, meatballs, salad (that I don't have to go to the store to buy,) and homemade bread - also, no grocery store required! Yipee!

And doesn't it look like a Cabbage Patch baby just wants to pop out of my cabbage!!

- Even more exciting is that our coop is finally looking like a coop! Since my hubby can only work on it on Saturdays, it's been a slow process, but I love it. Can't wait to help our "girls" set up house!

And last but not least, my mom bought us this beautiful handmade basket for egg gathering. It's beautifully made and I adore it. For now, I grabbed a photo of it with some apples. Eggs to come!!

Basically, it was an awesome, prepping filled, homesteady kinda weekend!!

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Gwen said...

Oh, that lettuce looks so good! I made homemade Ranch this weekend using spices from the cabinet, yogurt and buttermilk! I poured it over a Romaine wedge. Soooo good!

Can't wait to see some pics of your chicks in their new pad!