Monday, May 01, 2006

3 Boys + baseball = B U S Y

Dylan - new to tee-ball, seems excited but is still oblivious to what is happening. LOVES his new glove and cleats! Caleb - baseball FANATIC! Loves every minute. He hit a double last game and is still beaming. Yes, I am a bragging mother, but he is AWESOME. We celebrated his seventh birthday on April 12 with a baseball party. Cody - Also new to the game. He always tries to hustle and never complains. Christy - I look like I'm going camping every game. Several camp chairs, water bottles and at least two cameras. I LOVE to watch my boys. Travis - Always supportive, though would love one night a week to get to come home from work and relax! This rarely happens during baseball season. Bottom line - we love the game; each in our own way! I may consider letting Lacey play when she's four, as long as we can find pink cleats and a pink glove, :-)

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Faulkenberry Family said...

What a great shot of Dylan. I cant wait to see Lacey in those pink cleats. gotta keep it ALL pink.