Tuesday, May 30, 2006

32 Weeks

The date is set, July 13, 2006. Lacey will be born on our one year anniversary! I'm so tired and so very ready. Construction on our house addition should start soon - it's a good thing too. With several baby showers coming up, we will have nowhere to put all the fun, new baby stuff!
We are still sticking with the name, "Lacey." Middle name front runners are, "Ruth," or "Nichole." I get to have another ultrasound tomorrow and I can't wait to see how much bigger she is. She already has chubby cheeks and hair! The 3D video we have of her is amazing! I still can't believe we are so close to welcoming our baby girl to the world. A wedding dress one year, and sweet baby girl clothes the next....

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Faulkenberry Family said...

she is so cute...I cant wait to meet her..I bet her favorite color will be pink just like my Kadee. I am so excited for you and for Travis.