Thursday, August 31, 2006

6 Weeks Old

I always have my babies' photos taken at 6 weeks. Though it seems like we just brought her home, Lacey was 6 weeks old on August 24. I went and bought her a beautiful, frilly, puffy, pink dress - that lasted about five minutes. She was so fussy that we decided to try "diaper shots." Needless to say, she as very happy naked. Most of her portraits involve very little clothing. I guess this is okay at 6 weeks - maybe we will get the frilly dress in next time! Then there was the hair. Geesh. The photographer thought it was funny - I didn't. I wet her hair and we would watch it dry and stick right back up. All the props were wet from my spray bottle and I don't have a single tame hair picture. Oh well, she is adorable anyway!


Faulkenberry Family said...

I can't believe Lacey is 6 weeks old either. These are really GREAT pictures. I love them!! Thanks for the
picture you gave us.
She is growing fast, Christy. Slow down on the feedings:)
Love ya,

Ashley said...

Beautiful pictures Christy - I think her hair is the cutest!!!