Monday, March 12, 2007

Lacey's Room

Lacey's room is finally perfect! Travis did an EXCELLENT job with the white bead board. Of course, the room had to be pink and white! I'm so happy with this girlie girl room. I almost want to move in there myself. I'm thrilled with all the work and little details that went into this room. I know that Lacey will love it as she grows up!


Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, let me say it again, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LACEY'S ROOM!!!! Now that is a girlie girl room, right down to her Victorian style funiture. Travis did do a good, I mean GREAT job. And your mama has got some kind of talent. I love the smocking detail she did on the little dress Lacey wore home from the hospital. I love her little blessing dress your mama made too. simply precious!!! I wish Kevin would let me have a room like that.
Oh yeah, I just thought of something. Nice way to keep the boys out too. What boy is going to want to see that much pink at one time...he he he

Leslie said...

Beautiful room! Love the white bead board!!

April said...

This room is beautiful!!!!!!