Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Baseball Scrimmage

I don't have any photos yet, but I couldn't let the opportunity pass to post about Caleb's scrimmage last night. He was soooo amazingly awesome. Now, I'm not just saying this becasue I'm his mom, everyone there agreed!! Caleb is playing the pitcher position this year. The coach actually pitches, but Caleb is in the pitcher spot, KWIM? SO, a ball is hit and bounces to him. He scoops it up without hesitation and rockets it to first base - OUT!! He does this another time or two. Then, the sweetest catch: the ball was hit HARD in the air, Caleb catches it - OUT!! WOW - you just don't see that at many seven year old games. He also had three strong, solid hits. Caleb is by far the smallest player on his team. But when he got up to bat the second time, the other team's coach was hollering, "get back, get back, heavy hitter." My little, tiny Caleb has all the big boys on their toes and backing up to catch his big 'ole hits!!
I don't know what made me prouder - straight "A"s" AGAIN (this is his sixth nine weeks in a row for straight "A's") or the way he played last night. Okay, I know grades are more important, but he surely made his mama proud last night! Okay, I'll stop braggin' - or if I bug you - just stop readin'!!! Baseball photos to come soon!

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Anonymous said...

Caleb is a natural at baseball...Some kids were just born athletic...and some were not!
You go Caleb!!!
Aunt Cindy will be sure to come to one of your games and see you in action!!
I'm proud of you too!
Straight A's and athletic! WOW!