Sunday, March 02, 2008

Toothless - and other stuff!

Dylan lost yet another tooth. He's so proud! He lost it at O'Charley's in the midst of eating his mini corn dogs. hehe He was able to find it and put it under his pillow.

Here's Lacey's newest dress. She would not put her baby down. She said, "Baby, cheeese, picture." Thank you, Grandma!!!


Valencia said...

So cute! I love your new format at the top--it's so pretty. Oh, and I tried calling you a couple times - I'll try and reach you again from work tomorrow. Or if you get a chance call me at 713-2438 (work). Have a good evening!

Anonymous said...

She looked precious (as usual)! I have to email you a funny story about my husband!

connie said...

What is the "going rate" for the tooth fairy these days? Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Look at Dylan!!! He sure is growing up fast. Every time I see pictures of him, think about him, or see him in passing I always remember the Sunday I held him just after he was born in RS for you to teach the lesson. Gosh! It seems like just yesterday. Before long all of our kiddies will be grown girl and all we will have is the swing on your front porch and the memories of the good ol' days.

LOVE Lacey's new little dress! and I absolutely love those pink shoes! She is going to have quite the collection of shoes! Just like her Aunt Cindy:-) LOL