Friday, July 18, 2008

LuLu Belle

I’m getting quite a few questions, so I’m going to post this! This is something I’m really excited about - I just don’t want to seem “boastful.” As some of you know, I’ve been working really hard to get LuLu Belle up and running. I’ve been designing my own patterns and such (SO time consuming) so that LuLu Belle can be unique. Besides, many people don’t know it but it’s against the law to sell clothing made from store purchased patterns. They are for “home and personal use” only. I digress….
So, the owner of DaffaDeals, a boutique in N.E. across from Target, noticed Lacey in her outfit one day and we’ve been sewing fools ever since. The owner commented to me that “everyone who can sew can sew an a-line, I was looking for something different.” Well, that comment has really stuck with me because it’s exactly the way I feel. SO, my mother and I are sewing for DaffaDeals and loving it. I’m so thrilled for the opportunity. Our summer line will be in Daffadeals through this month and then we will start on fall. I’ve been working hard to come up with some “different” things for fall. Most of my fall designs will be made by custom order only. Lacey’s photo is in DaffaDeals ad in the July issue of Palmetto Parent magazine. LuLuBelle is also featured on the brand new Daffadeals website: My Lollipop Shop.
I’ve also opened an online store, LuLu Belle Boutique. It’s really simple, not much to it but it’s another “spot” to showcase some things. Everyone has told me that it can take up to a full year (or more) to make your first online sale. It takes a LONG time and a lot of effort to drive traffic to your site. Many boutique clothing designers have left the world of EBAY due to policy changes that give sellers NO protection. Though EBAY would be faster, I’ve opted for the slower paced, simpler world called ETSY. Really, I’m not trying to make a fortune - just fund my desire for fabric. LOL
I’m feeling really blessed right now. Opportunities keep falling in my lap. There will always be those who would rather you NOT succeed, but life is all in how you take it - what you do with YOUR set of circumstances. I’m trying hard to make the best of what I’ve been blessed with. Everything I’ve needed for LuLu Belle has literally fallen right into place - poof. So make fun of me or whatever, but I’m really happy with the way my “obsession” has turned into profit for my family. Eliminating debt and living within our means is what it’s all about.
Thanks to all the “inquiring minds” who were wondering what was going on with LuLuBelle. Now you know!


Anonymous said...

That is FABULOUS Christy! I couldn't imagine who in the world would make fun of your sewing ability. You have an amazing talent!!!!!
here's a quote I found;
Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters!
How true is that....
And how cute is your little model!
BTW~LOVE the Bitty twins!
Take Care!

Connie said...

Woohooo for YOU! An aside...not everyone can sew an A-line :) LOL