Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mid July....

We have had such a busy summer. I can hardly believe we are halfway through the month if July! I’m finally at the point where I have decided to stop doing so much “planning” and we are just going to enjoy the summer days as they come. We’ve spent time at the beach, pool, zoo, and Travis, Lacey and I headed to the mountains for a short stay. It’s been such a fun-filled summer of discovery. My children are bronze and beautiful - they are certainly sun lovers. Even at SPF 50 they are creamy caramel! Caleb and Dylan love hanging out with Tucker and Hunter and Lacey loves her “baby Becca.” Rebekah and Lacey are only about two months apart in age. They are such buds!!
On July 13th Travis and I celebrated our third anniversary and Lacey celebrated her 2nd birthday. It was a whirlwind day. Thank you Rebecca for making all the gorgeous and YUMMY cupcakes. You did such a great job.
Travis is the man of my dreams and to share to day with my sweet baby girl is amazing. I love life right now - free of contention, free from “drama.” I feel like I’m waking up everyday with a new appreciation of how sweet life can be. Sweet and simple.

My Jungle Princess:

Our Cupcake Cutie!

Lacey taking one of her new Bitty Twins for a ride on her new "wheels" from Grandma and Grandpa:

Just a few mountain shots:

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