Thursday, October 09, 2008

Can you feel fall?

I looked out of my kitchen window today and noticed that my front porch was covered in brown, crispy leaves. Fall has arrived! A lot of the oaks in my yard still look fairly green, but those brown leaves were a sure sign that the seasons are changing. Fall is a beautiful time of year. A time for mother nature to take a nap and prepare for the spring to come. I'm not a fan of winter at all – I can never get warm – but Autumn winds and cooler temps are glorious. Fall also means football – and we are still busy with games and practices. Caleb is loving it. Caleb tells me his positions are first string defense and Safety – okay, so I don't know what that means – I just love to watch him play. As for the rest of us, Cody is breezing through 7th grade, Dylan is loving riding his bike and skateboarding in the cooler temps, and LuLu, well she is still THE Diva. Travis is putting in long hours at work and I'm oficially a WAHM (Work-at-home-mom). I've been a sewing FOOL. Lots of new stuff at Daff-A-Deals. I've done so many custom orders I have lost count, and I can never remember to take photos. I'll Update LuLu Belle, so check it out. LuLu Belle

Also, I'm planning a PAMPERED CHEF party on Wednesday, October 15 @ 6:30. Of course, Michelle Bass, (chic, chef, classy, consultant) will be handling the party for me. I love alliteration. LOL
Please come and bring a buddy or two.

Happy fall ya'll!

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