Sunday, January 11, 2009

Making Photo Collages

Lots of my fellow blogees have asked how I made my little photo collages in my Christmas post so I thought I post a tutorial of sorts here. First, download “Picasa” if you don't have it. It's free and it's wonderful. It's the way I've organized my photos for years and they keep upgrading and adding features. Did I mention it's FREE?
1. Here's the link:
2. After you've moved your photos to Picasa, you'll need to select the photos you want to collage. Click on the photo, then on the little green thumbtack icon to HOLD the photos you want to collage.

3. With the pictures selected click on Create > Picture Collage... (top, left corner)
4. A dialog box will open with several options;
*Type: Select the collage type you wish to create – LOTS of possibilities here. Play with it until you like one.
Finally, click "create."
Your collage is saved as one photo – you can upoad to Blogger as normal. I love these collages. I'm sick to death of slow loading slideshows!

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Benson Family said...

Thanks for the instructions! I just put it to use for my snow pictures.