Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I am blessed to be a mother. It is my calling in life. I love being with my children, nurturing, teaching. On the card Dylan made for me in Primary on Sunday he had to fill in he blank, “My mom is happy when _____.” His answer, My mom is happy when I am with her. This was such a tremendous gift for me. I always tell them that I am only completely happy when I have all my children at home with me. Just having them around, knowing they are safe with me makes me so happy. He remembered, and I will never forget how my heart skipped a beat when I read it. Caleb cracked me up with his card – full of our “inside joke” funnies.
Lacey created her first ever handmade mother's day card with the fabulous mother Chesley in the nursery. It is a forever keepsake.
I cried when I saw my boys singing in Sacrament. I knew as I watched them that my heart strings would feel a tug all day long.

Travis out-did himself as normal, more beautiful jewelry, chocolate, the Twilight Soundtrack. Every little mention of things I loved, he remembered. We continued the day with a visit with my mother and a visit from Trav's mother later in the day. I wanted the boys to understand that mother's day wasn't just for me, but for all the mothers who are important in our lives. Would I have the supportive, loving, unselfish, righteous husband that I have if he had not had a good mother? Probably not. He is a product of her making and she deserves credit for sure! Would I be the same person without my mother? No Way. Good mother's make the world a better place. I hope that my sons remember this and remember the value of mothers as they chose their wives, and that they come home to see their mother on mother's day!

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