Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Lacey is absolutely loving dance! From day one she walked right in and found her “polka dot” on the floor. Today was her third dance class, and the first day she paid me any attention at all! She is usually focused in on the teacher and won't even look at me. Today she decided to look at me while videoing and she got all confused! I'll hide next time!
In those sweet baby blue eyes I can see her determination and her resolve to do well. She concentrates and for the most part is very focused. Part of me wants to say, “Lighten up, just have fun.” But, people have been telling me that for years and it has never worked!! I can see so much of me in her personality, some things I wish I could change. I just hope she finds good friends who will love her and accept her for whatever she becomes – even if she is too “serious” and even if she does need to “lighten up.”
I wanted to take dance as a child, it just wasn't in the budget. I wrote story after story about ballerinas and a magical world full of dancers – my mom still has these stories. Every time we would go to the library, I'd find a book about ballet. Now, I have the opportunity to have a little ballerina of my own and it's thrilling. I am just so thankful for the opportunity. What a blessing.


Anonymous said...

Could she pass her determination on to Anna?! Anna was not feeling it yesterday!

Jayne said...

I don't even have a word in my vocabulary that will do justice to these beautiful pictures. I especially like the middle one, and yet they're all so good. You can just sense the sweet, strong spirit of this child.