Monday, January 11, 2010

For the Birds

We recently celebrated my husband's 42nd birthday, and birthdays always make me think. I remembered the first Christmas gift I ever gave him (before we were married) and then just a few short days later I gave him his first ever birthday gift from me. The birthday gift was a shirt and a huge bag of bird seed. Birdseed?? Yes, because his Christmas gift was the bird feeder in this photo. Here it stands, still making multitudes of birds very happy, five years later! We both love bird feeders and it's surprising such a simple, inexpensive gift can bring us so much joy and evoke so many memories. Happy Birthday to Travis, my rock, my support, my heart and soul. May birds feast in our yard for many years to come!


Connie said...

awesome photos Christy. I am curious which lens did you use. Did you do any after processing? You are picking up such great light in your photos...I can't quite describe the luminescence or however you spell that!!!

Christy said...

You have email!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...the post and the pictures. Connie's right about the light...awesome pix.