Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lacey's Spring Photos

Lacey and I decided one nice warm morning to take a few Easter basket photos. I think I've bought her about seven "Easter" dresses - hehe, so it was hard deciding on this one! However, the pink/white polka dots turned out great againt the beautiful green grass and flowers! I can't believe Lacey is almost nine months old!


Leslie said...

I love the dress, and the background with the flowers and grass is really beautiful!!! Lacey is too cute. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the Easter pictures!!! Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!!! You know I'm going to ask you for one, so I'll take one of the pictures with the Easter eggs, and basket.
Lacey is the sweetest little princess!! I just love her to death!!

Anonymous said...

Kadee is standing here with me, and just saw Lacey's pictures. She said,"AWWWW look, she's beautiful"
Kadee loves Lacey Lou Lou!!!

Jill said...

Christy she is soooo adorable!! :)