Monday, February 25, 2008

Something For the Boys!

My mom and I decided to whip up these little "Jon Jon" Rompers, six of them actually. No, Caleb and Dylan won't be wearing these, they are way too old, but It's always good to have something ready for the little men who may come into out lives! My favorite is the puppy one. It's fully lined and reversible. So when that precious little boy wipes his dirty hand on the front of his outfit, you can turn in around and just like that he's clean again - hehe. And, what little boy doesn't love John Deere? These were fun to create. Someone asked me yesterday did I post all my sewing projects on my blog. No, I don't. These outfits have been done for weeks! If I posted all Lacey's pillowcase outfits I've made her in the past three weeks (eight, I think!) I would never have room to talk about anything else! I do sew every single day though. It's fun and relaxing for me. Besides, Lacey will want to dress herself before long. I have to go all out while I still can - while she will give me the chance!


Anonymous said...

Very, Very cute Christy!
I love the little Jon Jon's!
Hope you have a great week!
I tried to call you but you must have been out and about already.
talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...


Valencia said...

Hey, Christy, I love the outfits! I found out yesterday I'm going to be an aunt again (not Ginger this time) so I may want to purchase one of these if you sell them! Also, I need to call you tomorrow--my friend, Janet, who's here visiting has a daughter who does regulars for "2 Peas in a Bucket" and I was telling her all about you and your scrapbooking, etc...You just may know her or her work. You do such great work! Have a great week and thank you for the sweet comment - you are so kind. By the way, I saw your mother-in-law today -- I had to have a crown on a tooth today (ouch to my mouth and my checkbook!!!) See you soon.

Leslie Spradley said...

Trent wore a yellow John Deere one for his 1st birthday party and pictures. I had his initials embroided on the front, sooo cute! Now, Geoff says he is TOO BIG (already at only age 2) to wear stuff like that anymore, but I still love 'em!! Great job! Hope you're doin okay!