Sunday, August 24, 2008

Currently Reading...

I'm so loving this book! It's entitled, "The Creative Family," by Amanda Blake Soule. I also love her blog. I think she and I must be kindred spirits because as I have read through the book (haven't finished it yet) I kept wanting to say out loud, "Yes, that's exactly how I feel!" This book really encourages all that is creative, imaginative - all that good stuff that brews somewhere in the human soul! Simple and handmade - perfect.

I also have, in my hot little hands, the first two books in The Twilight series that everyone is raving about. First, I'm scared to death of vampires, second, I've read so many "how to" books lately that I have to figure out how to read a book with a plot again! I'm looking forward to the challenge though!

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Connie said...

fwWow! I did not realize you were a Soulemama fan too! I have been reading her blog for a couple of years. I have read the "Twilight" series and they are pretty tame! Plus you have T and the 3 boys to protect you and Lacy :)