Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day One

Day one of the new school year went off without a hitch. My big boys were ready to go and seemed excited to be getting underway. Thankfully, Caleb and Dylan still aren't too big to kiss me goodbye. My boys are kissers - right on the lips! LOL Cody headed to the 7th grade, and no, he dosn't kiss me. hehe Caleb is a 4th grader and Dylan is a 2nd grader.

I have missed them sooo much. The house is too quiet with just Lacey and me. She asks all day, "time to get the boys?" I miss my mom too. It was "Day One" for her too. We talked at least 5 times a day all summer. I don't guess I could call Blaney Elem. and interupt her class?

Time is zooming by, but how blessed I am to have the family I do and to experience these little ones as they grow and progress. They are my purpose.


Connie said...

I see such a resemblance between you and your mom in this picture!

Pamelia said...

Have a good year and STUDY hard!!!