Friday, August 29, 2008

Football, here we come!

Caleb and Dylan wanted to show their spirit by wearing all of their Gamecock attire to school Thursday. I thought they looked pretty spirited! I live in a house divided. Travis is a big Clemson fan( even though he is a USC alum), but my boys have been gamecocks since the day they were born. I just claim nuetrality, as I'm a Columbia College alum (GO KOALAS) and we just played powderpuff! LOL

We will also get the opportunity to watch Caleb play in his very first season of football this year! I'm SCARED for my tiny Caleb - but he's fast. My advice to him is RUN!! We picked up his helmet on Wednesday!


Pamelia said...

Have fun Caleb and DON"T let anyone tackle you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Caleb will do fine, he is a tuff little fella!
and Go Carolina Gamecocks!!!
I am sorry to the Clemson fans, Kevin included b/c Alabama kicked that tiger butt....LOL
good seeing you, Lacey, and the boys today;-)


oh, how handsome!! go get 'em!!

Connie said...

Both boys are too cute! Hang tough Mama...he'll be fast and fine :)

Anonymous said...

Watch out for those knees in Football! Go Gamecocks