Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Caleb"ology 101

Caleb has always been full of “one-liners.” He has always used words and came up “Calebisms” like no other child I've ever been around. His teacher even told me that if someone doesn't know the meaning of a word in their class, she tells them to go ask Caleb. Recently, however, we had a class project that involved lots of unfamiliar words. He had to create a family totem pole. He had to choose an animal to represent each member of his family to put on the pole. The sheet of animals he had to choose from also had very elaborate descriptions of each animal, thus, the long words. The sheet read more like a horoscope. Well, Caleb had chosen an animal/insect for everyone and had to make index cards to describe each choice. The cards would be read aloud in class. Caleb promptly began copying, one for word, the descriptions from the sheet onto his cards. He kept stopping to ask my help because he couldn't pronounce or didn't know the meaning of a word. To make a long story short, Caleb was beyond frustrated. After all, “words” are his thing. I encouraged him to stop copying and put things into his on words. Overjoyed he said, “Yup, I write my own stuff, I know what all the words mean.” I had this quote on my blog so I could remember to blog the story. I'm so glad he decided to stop copying. Caleb said I was the “Bee” and one of the bee descriptive words was, “fertile.” Yes, he was about to tell his entire class that his mother, the bee, was fertile. Geesh. Thank goodness he stopped copying! I'll post totem pole photos when we get his project back.

Caleb and I have also talked about a poster hanging in his classroom at school. It reads, “Courage is doing the right thing when everyone around you is doing the wrong thing.” Caleb informed me that this was the word “testimony” could replace “courage” and the poster would still be correct. I think he's right. We really see how strong our testimony is when we make the decision to follow or not follow the crowd. It's easy not to drink alcohol, dress immodestly, when none of our friends are doing it. Caleb is my introspective child. He's always thinking. I just hope he keeps talking to his old mother, I still have a lot to learn from him!


Connie said...

Loved this post! Kids are so SMART!

Anonymous said...

He is too smart and cute!

Jayne said...

I clicked on the link to your blog just to see if you had started posting again (seems like there was a dry spell a while back), and I was delighted to read this and other posts.

Aren't kids great? It's so awesome when they learn new things, and the power and magic of words is a great thing to learn.

Along these lines, something interesting happened to me over the weekend. On Saturday night, my high school graduating class(1966) held a 60th birthday part for ourselves, and it was huge fun. Anyway, one of the men and I were talking about good old third grade and the hateful teacher we had, and he told me that he remembered the day I learned the meaning of falsehood and how excited I was. And you know, I remembered it too after he reminded me. I couldn't get over how cool it was, and when I went home to "test" my mother thinking she'd be impressed, she said that yes, of course, she knew what it meant. At our house, we used fib and story, never falsehood. Anyway, that's my little anecdote about a memory of an awakening to the power of words.

Laresa said...

Caleb was so cute in that primary program singing that song. It brought a tear to my eye because you could just see how serious he was about that song. He put his whole heart into it.

Tiffany said...

Hey Christy!! I am loving this! I got in touch w/Ronnie & Tammy and I've been sitting here finding old friends via their blog!! I hope life is being good to looks like it! You look great! Let's KIT---Tiff:)

harriette d said...