Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yes, this is the terrible man-eater, “Miss Priss.” She barks her brains out at every living soul, but thankfully, she doesn't bite. One step toward her and she runs away. She's 3.5 pounds of BARK! I can't believe she will be one-year-old in February. The kids love this puppy, even though Travis and I agree that she is highly annoying. Lacey adores her and she is our sweet “puppy doodles.” I had to post this photo. She looks like she could bite your head off, when really a big toe would be more than she could handle!


Pamelia said...

She does look like she is ready to attack!!!

scchesleys said...

She does look quite ferocious! She's a doll baby though.

Connie said...

Too cute!!!