Monday, April 06, 2009

My Friend's Website!

I grew up with Nikki. She lived on Dogwood Lane right here in Elgin. We had the best summers together. She has always been an amazing photograper - even in High School her photos were amazing. Now she has a website and she is more than amazing. Check her out:


Connie said...

I noticed on facebook that Cindy has started Faulkenberry Photography. I wish everyone luck in their endeavors. Your pictures are always fabulous. I do think that some people just have a great "eye" and then there is the whole digital/re touching that makes everyone do a great job!

LuLu Belle said...

I think with digital photography, everyone can take great photos. With digital you can take 500 - there's bound to be one great one in the bunch.
My friend, Nikki, at Lavender Footprints, was a photographer for the Charlotte Observer too. She's a professional.