Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sparkleberry Country Fair

My mom and I had a booth at Sparkleberry this year. It was a long, hot day but well worth the effort! Not only did we get lots of custom orders but I made some new friends too. I met my online buddy, Debbie, who had a booth there (okay Debbie, we need a website, LOL) and Karina of On a Whimsy. I love meeting creative people who share my passion for what they do! Check out On A Whimsy for some really unique necklaces and monogrammed "yummies." I've already placed my order. ;-)
I can't wait to do some fall shows - it's so nice to be in business with my mom. One business partner I'd trust with my life - can't say that often! Love you Mama! Thanks for buying into my crazy dream and helping me make it happen. Couldn't do it without you!


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scchesleys said...

That's great! I was wondering how it went.

The Coffer Family said...

Cool, thanks!!