Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

July 4th weekend was fabulous. We decided to make it a stay-at-home family weekend. Caleb and Dylan returned from a week away on Saturday morning and things finally felt normal again. We swam and played, grilled, ATE, and then enjoyed homemade ice cream and brownies. Backyard fireworks were our grand finale. I'm thankful to live in the beautiful land of freedom, and I'm thankful for all those who sacrifice so that we may maintain our freedom.

Finally, my favorite image of the day - my sweet baby girl who will be three in just over a week!! No tweaking or editing of this photo, this is my girl, in all her cuteness, straight out of the camera.


Anonymous said...

and what a cutie they are!

Connie said...

Great times!!! Great photos to preserve the memories!