Friday, July 17, 2009


Before I continue with my vacation tales, I must tell this story before I forget. These are Lacey's words, exactly from a conversation we had while I was making dinner.
“Mommy, I have a boo boo. I need a band-aid.”
“What happened? How did you get a boo boo?”
“Well, I was going on an adventure. I was taking a long walk around the water. I tried to go in the water and a big ole alligator snapped at my leg and I got a boo boo. I want a pink sparkle band-aid now.”
Travis gets home from work and I'm telling him the alligator story. Lacey finishes the story by telling her daddy, “ that alligator never would have got me if my high heel hadn't broken. I guess I just need to go shopping for new ones.”
And everyone thinks Lacey is quiet. Ah... the imagination of a child.


Tiffany said...

She is beautiful!! Love the alligator story! Rissa is getting into wearing shoes and dressing her baby dolls...hasn't actually said the word "shopping" yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon:)

Nikki Kirkpatrick said...

Great story and great shot Christy!

Anita said...

So funny!! And I LOVE that picture of Lacey - she's such a beauty!

Gwen said...

LOL Oh my goodness.... you definitely needed a girl in your life!