Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacation 2009 - The Cabin

I actually do not know where to begin. I think I will have many posts about our vacation this year because we had such an wonderful trip! There is so much I want to document and remember. Hands down, the best family vacation we have ever taken together. The excitement really began when we arrived in Pigeon Forge and checked into our cabin. I think everyone had a moment of complete awe when we opened the front door. Lacey had us all in stitches fairly quickly. She stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked up and said, “This place is amazing.” Pretty great description from a three year old! They boys loved the pool table and game room in the basement – their bedrooms were on the third floor. Lacey went “swimming” every night in the Jacuzzi on our bedroom. The views from the balconies were breathtaking. Every morning we sat and watch the fog lift from the mountains. Just gorgeous. We spent our days enjoying attractions such as MagiQuest, putt-putt, exploring the Forbidden Caverns, sliding down a mountain at Ober, Gatlinburg, Sky trams, hikes, playing in the river/creeks, swimming in the pool and shopping. I guess I'll begin with a few shots of our cabin. MORE to come!!

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Anita said...

Isn't Gatlinburg amazing!?? Love the cabin, by the way!