Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Word - 2010

One word. That's it. No lengthy resolutions spanning into paragraphs of promises that are hard to keep. No spectacular goal that seems to get farther and farther out of reach as the new year progresses. My friend, Connie, has inspired me to choose one simple little word – a word that will ring in my thoughts throughout the new year. A word that can be easily be remembered and called upon when I need it most. One word that I will apply in my life to make me a better person in the year twenty ten.
As I contemplated my life and what 2010 may bring, I knew I needed a powerful word. A word that would represent resilience in old battles and entrepreneurship in new endeavors. I have a lot planned for the coming year, many of these plans have been in the works for a very long time. Plans that have now become a passion. In all my efforts, in my relationships with people, old and new, past and yet to come I need THIS – this one word:

You see, I lack courage quite often. I cower down in the name of peace and relent myself to the world around me. I receive 100 praises and allow one criticism to send me plummeting. I tend to care entirely too much about the one and don't appreciate enough the 100. I'm a lot like the lion, in the Wizard of Oz. If I can only get my courage, and keep it, I will be okay – more than okay. So, in 2010, I'm following my yellow brick road. I'm getting my courage.
My beautiful – oh so beautiful – children will give me courage, my unbelievably wonderful husband will be my rock, my friends will be my sounding board and my courage will remain. I will be able, with courage, to melt away the wicked witches of self-doubt and hopefully sway the arrows of mean people as well. No, I wont be perfect, but I will have the courage to keep trying.

I look forward to building on budding friendships this year. I feel my friends – and you know who you are – are kindred spirits. We will be courageous together!! Happy New Year to all. We are all blessed to see 2010 and to have the freedom to follow whichever yellow brick road that takes YOU where you need to be!


Connie said...

You can join the broom club and we will sweep all the wicked witches away! Much love and success, when I started doing the one word thing my very first was....COURAGE!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this post. The word is a fabulous one, and the way you wove the Wizard of Oz in with your thoughts is phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how courage can touch every part of our lives and it takes courage to really LIVE.

Two years ago Connie and Marlajayne introduced me to choosing a theme instead of a resolution and it has been such a purposeful and joyful practice that I keep doing it.

I'm so glad you are finding a touchstone for 2010!

Anonymous said...

Hey I came over from Marlajayne's blog.

I really like this idea. But of course each person will need to decide which single word resonates in their soul.

The first thing that came to my mind is FAITHFUL. I think some time meditating is due now.

Anonymous said...

Im with my mom some brooms and a bucket of water! Thats what we need! You will be courageous!