Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I think the one reason I loved college so much was that I loved a good challenge. Challenge keeps the motivation going and prompts learning, and learning new things is good! Challenge also makes up step out of our comfort zones. So, I have a challenge for all my friends who love to take pictures!! If you click a pic with your cell phone or are more high tech, everyone can do this! POTW stands for Photo of the Week. Starting in January, our goal is to try to take one photo a week that fits our theme/assignment and blog it. There are no rules – it's all in your interpretation of the theme. We should get some very different photos depending of the interpretations of these themes. I hope some of you will play along. I can't wait to see what we all come up with. NO RULES – just FUN. If your photo leaves a lot to the imagination you may want a brief explanation of why you took that particular photo. I found a list very similar list to this but changed it all up to suit us! We can't exactly take many snow pics....
I will email this list to anyone who wants it!


01/04 beginning
01/11 home
01/18 sweet
01/25 handmade
02/01 signs
02/08 peace and comfort
02/15 books
02/22 personality
03/01 time
03/08 simple pleasures
03/15 old
03/22 spring has sprung
03/29 then and now
04/05 shoes
04/12 goals
04/19 nature
04/26 favorites
05/03 eye spy
05/10 keys and locks
05/17 planes, trains, or automobiles
05/24 barns
05/31 storytime
06/07 talents
06/14 color
06/24 architecture
06/28 action
07/05 sunrise or sunset
07/12 water
07/19 bloom
07/26 round things
08/02 from the garden
08/09 frolic and play
08/16 sand/dirt
08/23 into the wild!
08/30 in the air
09/06 style
09/13 travel
09/20 shadows
09/27 autumn beginnings
10/04 windows and doors
10/11 paths, or walks on them
10/18 family
10/25 haunted
11/01 the little things
11/08 old school
11/15 words
11/22 light
11/29 laughter
12/06 soft and fluffy
12/13 loose ends
12/20 brrr!
12/27 finales


Connie said...

I'm in! Hopefully I will have a decent "showing" for the year

April said...

I might give this one a try. Great list!


Anonymous said...

I accept!

scchesleys said...

I'm going to try to do this. It will be good practice for me with my little camera.

Gwen said...

I thought I'd posted to this! I'll play along with you!

Laura said...

I'm also in. Beautiful little girl BTW.