Sunday, July 29, 2012

Watermelons, Chickens, & Homemade Brownies

Today we harvested the last little watermelon from our garden. Our watermelons were tiny, but had a good sweet taste. I don't know the trick to growing large watermelons like I see in the grocery store! I need to read up on that before next summer's garden.
Travis and I also walked our land trying to decide on a new garden spot. There are so many large trees in our yard that it's hard to get enough sun on the plants – and then the fact that most of our backyard is one gigantic slope to the pond makes things a bit more difficult. We LOVE our pond though. With a little boiling and/or Clorox, we will have plenty of water to drink in an emergency situation; not to mention my boys are excellent fisherman. We are also considering a small chicken coop. I've raised chickens before and the fresh eggs are amazing. My only issues were about 6 feet long with fangs and a rattler. I gave up on my chicken before because the rattlesnakes seemed to LOVE them. Something else to study to keep snakes out of my hens beds.
Lastly, I made my first ever made from scratch brownies. They were so easy and so yummy, I will never make store bought mixes again. Why have I waited till age 37 to do all this fun stuff? I've been missing out, and I have to make up for lost time!!
Sorry, no cool photos today. I could snap some of the watermelon rind or the scraped bare brownie pan, but I'll spare ya!!

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Gwen said...

My dad grew the largest watermelons I've seen in my life last year! I don't know what his secret was - he'd swear it was the type or seed or something.

I've always wanted to raise chickens for the eggs. But I am not so sure about the snake issue. Scary!