Thursday, April 26, 2007

15 Random Thoughts & 1 Random Photo...

Idea stolen from My BFF, Cindy. :-)

1. Caleb and Dylan both have Strep - mine is pretty much gone.
2. Lacey got two shots yesterday. She got Care Bear band-aids. I'm used to Spider Man, so these were very cool.
3. My house is a wreck - too many sick to tend to.
4. Caleb loves Cub Scouts!
5. Girl's Night is Friday! WhoHoo!
6. I finally scrapbooked a page this week.
7. I need to call Dale & Moriah to see how their house is coming.
8. I want to go tanning tomorrow.
9. I need my pedicure touched up.
10. Lacey is into EVERYTHING. No cabinet is safe.
11. I'm so glad my boys are home this weekend.
12. I'm about to be 32.
13. I have the best husband on the planet.
14. Lacey can shake her head, "no, no."
15. Leftovers for dinner tonight.


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture of the boys!!! Where is the scrapbook page??? Show your talent women!!

Love ya:)

Leslie said...

Love the picture and yours and Cindys thoughts. I always enjoy reading those!!

Leslie said...

OOh, also, THANKS for inviting me to "Girls Night". I can't wait to come! Cya tomorrow night!