Friday, April 06, 2007

Caleb - Almost Eight

On April 12, 2007 Caleb will be eight years old! Where did my baby go? I remember when I quit teaching to stay home with him - I thought he would be so little forever. Caleb has grown into such a smart, loving, gifted young man - and soon he will be baptized. Wow. These are a few of his photos from his "pre-babtism" shoot. My little man...all in white.


Anonymous said...

I can not believe your baby Caleb is almost eight!!! WOW time flies by soooo very fast. He is one handsome little fellow! I am see why you are so proud of Caleb, I am too. He is an amazingly smart young man and has such a sweet, loving, and thoughful personality. He could be an example to a few of my older ones...LOL
And you need to open your own portriat studio...These pictures are absolutely FABULOUS...I love them!!!
When you print my copies of Lacey's Easter pictures, PLEASE print a few of these pictures of Caleb for my desk...
Love you guys!!!

Leslie said...

Great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

add you a chatterbox so I can talk all the time!! ha ha ha
I love the "mommy/daughter" pic you added!!! Lacey looks just like her mommy!