Saturday, April 14, 2007

Caleb is EIGHT!

We've been celebrating Caleb's 8th Birthday all week! On April 12, we went to Grandma and Grandpas's where Caleb got a "real" watch. He's been telling me what time is was non-stop! When we got home, we sang Happy Birthday, and he blew out the candle in his cupcake. His party would be the next day, at Skateland, but we couldn't wait that long to sing to him. He got a "Kids Bop" CD on Thursday. We decided to save his big surprises for the party.Uncle Dale and Aunt Moriah brought him a Swiss Army Knife - cooool. Grandma Pinkey and Grandpa Herman also dropped by witha nice gift $$$$$! Travis and I gave him Heelys and an air soft pistol and rifle - watch out world! BIG thanks to all our friends and family for your gifts and for making Caleb's 8th birthday so very special!

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Anonymous said...

Super idea for a birthday party!!! We had so much fun!!! Your baby is growing too fast:)