Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Easter shots

This Easter was different than normal. It was Jimmy's weekend with Caleb and Dylan so I didn't get as many pictures as normal. They did get to come to the Easter Egg Hunt at church though. I was so glad. They found lots of eggs and collected lots of loot! Cody went fishing with his dad instead of egg hunting. This was Lacey's first Easter so she got a big red wagon for the yard!

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Anonymous said...

You make it look so easy to capture the perfect shot...These are GREAT pictures...Lacey loves her wagon...And might I add what a fancy little wagon she has, it came equipped with a cup holder!!! So that's what it's like to be a little princess??? Gosh, little girls are adorable in those little smock dresses, I just love them!!!
See ya Saturday for the BIG day..

Love ya,