Saturday, April 14, 2007

Caleb's Baptism

What a special day. I cried the entire time, the spirit was strong. Caleb wanted to bear his testimony - he did such a good job. He looked like a little man standing there. I could picture him, 19, bearing his testimony before he left for his mission. That day will be here before I know it.
Travis baptized Caleb and my father confirmed him. Per request of the Bishop, I had a list of those who would be allowed to stand in the confirmation circle. The names were read out loud. STILL, one person, even though his name was NOT called, invited himself into the circle. I still cannot believe the gall. I didn't say anything - I didn't want to spoil the spirit there. The Stake President may hear about it though. Oh well, I did all I could.
Thanks to ALL who participated in Caleb's baptism. It will be a day we never forget.

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The Spradley's @ Shivers Green Rd said...

I think of Caleb all the time and I knew it was almost time for his baptism. Kyle Speagle was just baptized too. I guess that's another aspect I have thought a whole lot about, with Sullivan not being here, he will be 8 in Nov. I'm so thankful for the plan of salvation and for knowing we will be an eternal family! Good to see you Friday, hope to see you again soon! Maybe I'll see you next week at the tanning bed.